About Ali

Ali Mustafa is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist and a graduate from Columbia University's School of Journalism. He has produced content for Canadian Broadcasting’ Corporation, Dawn News Network and CNBC as a producer, video-journalist and news-anchor. He supports the SAMRKAND initiative for better journalism in South Asia

Ali's career in journalism began amidst political contention in Pakistan in 2005 as part of the CNBC team that launched the network that year. Later, Ali took an active role in launching the country’s first English news channel in 2007. Being the pioneer news anchor on Dawn News Network as it began transmission in May 2007, He covered major political and social developments in Pakistan & Afghnistan.

His work at CNBC focused on population displacement as a result of development and specials on the 2005 earthquake and land mafia in Karachi, Pakistan. In 2006 Ali became Pakistan’s first English news Anchor as he spearheaded the launch transmission of DawnNews Network, Pakistan first all English News channel. His last assignment with Dawn News Network had him covering the lawyer’s long march in 2009.

Ali Mustafa completed his Masters degree in Political Journalism from Columbia University and produced the only broadcast documentary as a Masters thesis in the MA Politics class of 2010. Ali Mustafa currently lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and a naughty eight month. You can follow him on twitter @Ali_Mustafa.

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